8. Congress of the Slovenian Urologic Assotiation

13. Symposium on Urological Nursing in Slovenia
 Ljubljana, 28 – 30 May 2020 



Active participation


  • Plenary session (10 minutes)
  • Moderated poster (3 minutes presentation, 2 minutes discussion)
  • Video (8 minutes presentation, 2 minutes discussion)


Please submit the title and author of presentation until March 31, 2020 to zus@sb-sg.si.

In case of to many submitted presentations, the organizer witholds the right to prematurely close the submission.



The official languages of the congress are Slovenian and English.

For plenary sessions and moderated poster presentations the slides must be written in English. The speaker can choose between Slovenian and English.



All lectures should be presented using the Microsoft PowerPoint. The posters will be displayed via electronic multimedia LCD monitors during the entire congress, so the submission must be in Adobe PDF format.



All presentations will be printed in abstract form in the book of abstracts.



The size of the abstract is limited to 3,000 characters (this includes title, body of abstract, spaces, tables and graphics) or 500 words. Every picture/graphic counts for 500 characters.


Title, Authors, Affiliation

The title should clearly define the topic and must be written in English. There is no maximum length for the title. However, the characters in the title will count toward your total character count.
Type full last name and first name of all authors, omitting titles, degrees and institutional affiliations.

Type the name of the Institution, Department, City and Country. Please make sure that the institution, department and city are written in English. In case someone works in different institutions, please indicate the main work place.

Authors may submit more abstracts, but should be aware of the reasonable limitation.



Abstracts must be submitted in English or Slovenian language. Do type the abstract in small letters, except for abbreviations. Do not type the full title in capital letters.

State the objective of the study, describe the material and methods, summarize the results presenting sufficient details to support the conclusions reached. Use numeral form for numbers and only very well-known abbreviations. If you must use other abbreviations, you must explain them the first time they appear.

The abstract must be divided into following chapters:

-Introduction & objectives
-Materials & methods

When you have included graphs or pictures in your abstract(s) you are obliged to send your original source file (e.g. Excel, jpg) by separate e-mail to: zus@sb-sg.si


Editing and Authorship

Abstract will be published as submitted. After submission there is no possibility to edit the abstract text anymore. Each quoted author should have contributed substantially to the represented work in terms of conceptual design or analysis, writing of the article and final approval of the article in order to take public responsibility for the content.
Copyright of the abstracts is assigned to the Slovenian Urological Association.

Abstract submission

Deadline for abstract submission is April 30, 2020. You can email your abstract to zus@sb-sg.si.

To avoid that the abstract cannot be submitted due to technical difficulties, computer problems or other reasons, you are advised to submit your abstract in time.
There is no possibility for late-breaking abstract submission.



When successfully submitted, the authors will be informed via e-mail about the inclusion of their presentation into the scientific program and abstract book.

Slovenian Urological Association

Includes every active and retired specialist and resident of urology in Slovenia.


Slovenian Urological Association

Gosposvetska cesta 1

2380 Slovenj Gradec


Prim. Marko Zupančič MSc, MD


Boris Košuta MD, FEBU